Audio and Community

AudioBoom is chasing the dollar at the sacrifice of the community that built the platform in the first place, we all have to make money. I think there is a better way than the AudioBoom wall of doom sign in and hiding of people you follow posts.

Anyway I am going to be the master of my own data and post here this way.

As for community. There is a Facebook Audio Community and a Google+ Audio Community Feel free to join and chip in.

The #LessFoot on @Instagram


So I started a hashtag. To collate pictures of those mystery shoes you see discarded in the street etc. The ones where you wonder “how did the person get home not realising they lost a shoe, or two shoes”. #LessFoot is the hashtag.

Typically I haven’t seen any since the picture above.

Huge shout out to Mark Cotton for the inspiration through his Tale of the Lost Twin picture set. @mcfontaine on Twitter.