MS-DOS comes to the mobile. I have installed it onto my Lumia 930. No idea what I will use it for, but it is cool to open it and remind myself of the days when I did use MS-DOS.

Coolest April Fools out there to date. 

Audio and Community

AudioBoom is chasing the dollar at the sacrifice of the community that built the platform in the first place, we all have to make money. I think there is a better way than the AudioBoom wall of doom sign in and hiding of people you follow posts.

Anyway I am going to be the master of my own data and post here this way.

As for community. There is a Facebook Audio Community and a Google+ Audio Community Feel free to join and chip in.

The #LessFoot on @Instagram


So I started a hashtag. To collate pictures of those mystery shoes you see discarded in the street etc. The ones where you wonder “how did the person get home not realising they lost a shoe, or two shoes”. #LessFoot is the hashtag.

Typically I haven’t seen any since the picture above.

Huge shout out to Mark Cotton for the inspiration through his Tale of the Lost Twin picture set. @mcfontaine on Twitter.