Almost June so almost #AudioMo

There are no rules, no lists, no subjects you have to post about. The freeform month long audio challenge that is #AudioMo is almost on us, June is the month.

The challenge is purely to test yourself and to help you connect to other people who like posting audio. just post a link to your audio to your favourite social network and add the lovely hashtag #AudioMo. Yep it’s that simple.

Mashup credit to DJ Earworm

Playing with @storie

I’ve had a day of playing with the Storie app. I like it. Film clips during the day rearrange them then post them up as one Storie. The app sorts the rest out. Really nice addition for those who video blog their lives.



MS-DOS comes to the mobile. I have installed it onto my Lumia 930. No idea what I will use it for, but it is cool to open it and remind myself of the days when I did use MS-DOS.

Coolest April Fools out there to date.