Death, Death, Death.

As you all know I am not religious, I have no religion. Still confused why people who profess to believe in a god think that killing other humans is right. But that is not why this post is here. This post is for my death.

As I said before don’t have a religion, but am aware that surviving family and friends will want to mark my passing via burial or cremation. Not fussed what they pick after all the funeral is mainly for those surviving the person they lost.

My only wish is whoever survives me is that they play this exact mix if the tune embedded in this post. No hymns or prayers please.

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  1. I guess we all get to an age where we consider preparations for our burial. This has been a topic of discussion in my inner circle for a couple of weeks now. Final thoughts are to make plans now and pay ahead of time for the inevitable. Death of a loved one is such a hard time for those left behind, they should be left to mourn and not be burdened by decisions that often involve excessive amounts of money.

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