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Ubuntu Touch

For me the thing that stops me fully committing to #ubuntutouch from ubports is #OpenStore There are no official apps, ie no official Instagram / Facebook / Twitter apps.

If you want to be the alternative to iOS and Android you need to learn the lessons from the failures that went before. Windows Phone being a prime example. By the time they got official apps from Instagram / Twitter / Facebook etc it was too late people had moved on tired of waiting.

Until official apps hit the Ubuntu Touch platform it will be just a hobby for me and not a daily driver.

Social Audio Try Harder

Takes lots of work to make a community sadly we can’t shift the mindset of those who were failed by AudioBoom that the app isn’t the community maybe a hashtag could be. When Anchor fails please look back and think how was Anchor different to AudioBoom.As I say a hashtag could easily be the community. Worries me why certain people love #AudioMo but push back against #Audio365 , same people who think Anchor is the community as they thought AudioBoom was the community. #AudioMo and #Audio365 will always be here, feel free to jump in.

Imitating Art

At college I got obsessed with film. On the right is a poster I designed and illustrated at college. On the left is the stockmans wax coat I bought cause I wanted to be Clint Eastwood, the thing still fits me almost 30 years later.


Turns out I’d been using shaving oil wrong all these years. I’d used it as a replacement for shaving cream/soap/foam. Instead you put it on after you’ve washed your face, then apply your shaving cream/soap/foam over the top of it. It really does help cut down on razor burn.

Tight belts

I remember when I used to be hard up, properly hard up. Making meals that had at least some flavour used to be hard. One of my fall backs was pasta with a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce mixed through it. Oddly craved it again tonight. Might not look great, but tastes great.

Close Shave

You wonder why I keep trying with double edge razors and am now trying out single edge razors. Look at this picture of a bastion of the sea, a ray swimming through our shite and more importantly plastic. Cartridge razors are blades housed in plastic and can’t be recycled. Only one brand that makes cartridge razors recycles them, but the shave is horrific and that’s a bit sad. So I am trying in all ways to find a shave that works that isn’t using plastic, specially plastic in parts that need disposing.

Criticise me for posting lots of shaving pictures, but don’t be ignorant why I do.