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Social Audio

I wrote this on the AudioMo website

“We will still be running #AudioMo next year regardless of what is happening to AudioBoom. Remember the challenge is app independent.

Social audio does not have to be held within one app, as much as we love AudioBoom. We do know that when AudioBoom introduces its $9.99 per month charge to all users that some users will leave that platform.

We have an idea, why not pick the audio app / platform that works for you and share your audio to Twitter using #Audio365 hashtag. Everyone can open a search for the hashtag and connect to whoever is using the hashtag. In effect we would be using Twitter as a host for the community (Social Audio).

Just an idea”.

The thing is social audio is important and still relevant. I signed up to AudioBoo when there were just 7 active users (not including the dev team and CEO Mark). There was Steph (UKMelia), Christian (Documentally), Me (ernmander) and 4 London teenagers that used the platform to threaten each other. The teenagers made most of the audio as it was clear they were in some turf war.

I got, as I often do, a little ratty saying to Mark that this platform was just a platform for slanging matches, which it then was. Mark’s response was “The cream will rise to the top” He was totally right.

Steph and I went on to create DoodURLs, a website that took doodles posted to Twitter using the #DoodURLs hashtag then uploaded to our website and shared around the world crediting the doodle doodler. The website had amazing coverage in the press and voted in top 10 digital charts around the world. We wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for the fact we had used AudioBoo and chatted. Back then social media and what we were all doing felt like we were “knocking on the sky dude”.

I introduced JackFM Oxford to the AudioBoo platform and Mark went on the radio station and did a fabulous interview.

Sadly AudioBoo had to make investors money and were bought out and became AudioBoom. We were all reassured nothing would change. You guys who had plugged away sharing your day to day lives were gonna be ok. Not true. They ripped out the community, then turned off audio DM’s.

Latest step is that they will now charge all the original users $9.99 a month for access to AudioBoom, or have your account set to private. None of us have received any notification on this.

Which is why my idea of using any audio platform you want, then post the link to that audio into Twitter using #Audio365 makes sense. Making a WhatsApp group is a silly idea, because you have to give out your mobile number to everyone and also be invited to join the group. whereas a hashtag on Twitter is something you decide if you want to do or not.

All I want is for us who want an audio community to happen is for it to happen, at least I am trying.

Wet Shaving

I have tried and do like double edge shaving, but it is not a thing I can do every day before heading out to work, very time consuming. 

Like most blokes I am always on the look out for an alternative to the expensive Gillette cartridge razors. I have tried a lot, spent way to much trying all comers.

These are the three I kind of rate.

Cornerstone. Cornerstone have a new cartridge and have had to redesign their razor. Though the new blades are sharp the the actual shave is not that close and takes several passes to achieve anything you want to leave the house with. This razor sadly is more style over function.

Gruum. Gruum were new to me until last month. The handle is very cumbersome, but the blades are sharp and provide a close shave. Not sure what the roller bar before the blades actually does. 

King of Shaves. King of Shaves will not be winning any design awards with this one. Seems to use the same cartridge as the Gruum system. Offers a close shave. Though after the third shave the blades seemed to dull quite quickly. 

The one out of the three that I would recommend is the King of Shaves. Close shave and very very cheap. 

But like most blokes I will pick up Gillette when they are on offer in the shops, sorry it is the best cartridge razor out there. 

Death, Death, Death.

As you all know I am not religious, I have no religion. Still confused why people who profess to believe in a god think that killing other humans is right. But that is not why this post is here. This post is for my death.

As I said before don’t have a religion, but am aware that surviving family and friends will want to mark my passing via burial or cremation. Not fussed what they pick after all the funeral is mainly for those surviving the person they lost.

My only wish is whoever survives me is that they play this exact mix if the tune embedded in this post. No hymns or prayers please.

My Story

Still updating my #SnapChat Story more out of habit than anything. Nobody uses the app with me anymore, used to be the way I got regular updates about my daughter, but that stopped on the day of her 1st Birthday.


Thankful to my grandparents for their sacrifice in fighting for a free world for me. My only war is fighting for access to my daughter. Yes sadly freedom means cruel people get through as well, those that play games and think it’s ok to hurt a father by denying him access to his daughter for no reason but shits and giggles.

A Test

was a lovely day making that special video for my daughters 1st Birthday. Was also praised by her mother for making a sweet video. Oddly a day after her mother cut all communication with me for no reason.

So currently I have no idea when I will see my daughter again. I have sent a letter to the mother asking to put into writing that I am still able to see my daughter, so far no response. My next step is full legal action.

I have been dealing with this oddness for a year now and have come to the end of my tether so enough is enough.

All I ever wanted was the chance to be a proper dad to my daughter, but this cruel person keeps playing games. I want my daughter to know that I love her and will always be there for her despite the actions of her mother.

I can only be the best dad I can be, shame my daughter isn’t getting the full time me, and that’s not my fault.

It started with a pencil

I bought a pencil. I bought a pencil for a reason.

I promised myself if ever I became a parent I’d write and illustrate a book for my child.

I became a parent 5 months ago. Sadly I don’t see my daughter as much as I’d like to. Her mother seems to think that she gets all the action. It’s sad when you’ve done nothing wrong and love your daughter so much and the mother chooses to bin you and your feelings. I wish I were given a choice in the matter but I wasn’t.

So back to to the pencil. My baby, my daughter will have a book written and illustrated by me. I’ll use the pencil and iPad Pro to do it.

I don’t get to be a dad but I will make sure my daughter knows I want nothing more than to be her dad. Shame some people are assholes why would you have a child and keep the dad, who clearly loves her more than his own life away from her??

Any way the book will be awesome.