It started with a pencil

I bought a pencil. I bought a pencil for a reason.

I promised myself if ever I became a parent I’d write and illustrate a book for my child.

I became a parent 5 months ago. Sadly I don’t see my daughter as much as I’d like to. Her mother seems to think that she gets all the action. It’s sad when you’ve done nothing wrong and love your daughter so much and the mother chooses to bin you and your feelings. I wish I were given a choice in the matter but I wasn’t.

So back to to the pencil. My baby, my daughter will have a book written and illustrated by me. I’ll use the pencil and iPad Pro to do it.

I don’t get to be a dad but I will make sure my daughter knows I want nothing more than to be her dad. Shame some people are assholes why would you have a child and keep the dad, who clearly loves her more than his own life away from her??

Any way the book will be awesome.


  1. Hope to see some of your illustrations here. Pleased to see you are using your domain again at last too. Your posts are sent to my ReadKit. Look forward to more. 🙂

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