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I wrote this on the AudioMo website

“We will still be running #AudioMo next year regardless of what is happening to AudioBoom. Remember the challenge is app independent.

Social audio does not have to be held within one app, as much as we love AudioBoom. We do know that when AudioBoom introduces its $9.99 per month charge to all users that some users will leave that platform.

We have an idea, why not pick the audio app / platform that works for you and share your audio to Twitter using #Audio365 hashtag. Everyone can open a search for the hashtag and connect to whoever is using the hashtag. In effect we would be using Twitter as a host for the community (Social Audio).

Just an idea”.

The thing is social audio is important and still relevant. I signed up to AudioBoo when there were just 7 active users (not including the dev team and CEO Mark). There was Steph (UKMelia), Christian (Documentally), Me (ernmander) and 4 London teenagers that used the platform to threaten each other. The teenagers made most of the audio as it was clear they were in some turf war.

I got, as I often do, a little ratty saying to Mark that this platform was just a platform for slanging matches, which it then was. Mark’s response was “The cream will rise to the top” He was totally right.

Steph and I went on to create DoodURLs, a website that took doodles posted to Twitter using the #DoodURLs hashtag then uploaded to our website and shared around the world crediting the doodle doodler. The website had amazing coverage in the press and voted in top 10 digital charts around the world. We wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for the fact we had used AudioBoo and chatted. Back then social media and what we were all doing felt like we were “knocking on the sky dude”.

I introduced JackFM Oxford to the AudioBoo platform and Mark went on the radio station and did a fabulous interview.

Sadly AudioBoo had to make investors money and were bought out and became AudioBoom. We were all reassured nothing would change. You guys who had plugged away sharing your day to day lives were gonna be ok. Not true. They ripped out the community, then turned off audio DM’s.

Latest step is that they will now charge all the original users $9.99 a month for access to AudioBoom, or have your account set to private. None of us have received any notification on this.

Which is why my idea of using any audio platform you want, then post the link to that audio into Twitter using #Audio365 makes sense. Making a WhatsApp group is a silly idea, because you have to give out your mobile number to everyone and also be invited to join the group. whereas a hashtag on Twitter is something you decide if you want to do or not.

All I want is for us who want an audio community to happen is for it to happen, at least I am trying.


  1. Hey man I wrote a thought piece in my newsletter today which I may put on my blog also. I didn’t think to mention that we have been using @Wire for social audio. Probably because it’s a far cry from being a podcast. It’s multi platform open source encrypted and does not request your phone number when you join. I have a number of different groups on there which all feature audio in some shape or form. The audio is not only exportables but you can bring audio in from other apps. Come and have a chat it might be a place where we can plan future audio playgrounds. Download the app and search for Documentally.

  2. Hi Ernie, it’s been almost a year now and although I miss the Audioboom community I’m listening to more audio than ever. Podcasting is very much on peoples minds.

    I occasionally drop something into the #Audio365 and was wondering if there’s a way of scraping the audio from that tag and delivering into its own app. Or ideally filtering via user when relevant and listening inside your podcatcher of choice.

    Just thinking out loud at the moment. Keep up the good work. See/hear you in the feeds.

    1. Hi Christian, I believe there is a Github app called Twint that can do just that. Also a service called Hashtracking. Thank you so much for using the #Audio365 it’s a great way to find your content

        1. You’re welcome dude. Problem is Twitter constantly change the API and are also not fans of hashtags, yep I know hashtags were a thing born of Twitter, but only because us users wanted to find things, sadly the platform itself hates hashtags. Hence it’s really hard to scrape hashtags. Open up a TweetDeck search for a hashtag and you’ll notice Twitter kills the search after a year. So even looking back at Twitter hashtags are basically not an option, mind you they change the rules year to year

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