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Nice to have a few days off social media (except testing one scheduled tweet).

To take my mind off the mother of my daughter returning to being an arse about access to my little girl. After having months of having days a month with her, her mother now seems to think it’s fine to cut that to a few hours a month.

Any way to take my mind off all that I have being doing interesting work at work. Tasked to set up a confidential mental health survey. Setting up a mobile network to be used overseas. Importantly taking a break from staring at my iPhone, iPads and MacBook and all those social media platforms I piss my life into.

The loss of my best friend over the weekend hit home. It’s the people that have stuck with you through life, they’re the ones that deserve your attention.

Now for a few days off work. Catch up with family, then look into having a proper holiday.

Any way it’s Greek Week at Lidl and I want to go get some stuffed vine leaves. Till next time.